I’ve been watching Eddie’s videos for a while…

This one is GOOD:


The steps:

  1. Be thankful your younger self put you RIGHT HERE
  2. Be thankful RIGHT NOW
  3. Recognize that all this stuff you’re thankful for was conceived and built by people no smarter than you…
  4. Go forward, and be thankful!


Any questions?


OBVIOUSLY we all have some hurdles to overcome.

That’s why my younger self put me through the path I’ve been through – so I can help YOU, NOW, take the shortest, smartest, smoothest path possible through those hurdles!

Step one is these three habits… I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about them… well – sorry. If you’re not actively growing them, you’re simply taking the ‘long route’!

Learn them (meditate, journal, gratitude) here: https://www.enthusiasticlay.com/3habits

You’ll get free videos explaining why and how, and a huge resources pdf!


Get your groove on now – https://www.enthusiasticlay.com/3habits


and, live enthused, empowered, enabled… live EnthusiastiClay!

Have a GREAT day!