Hi, I’m Clay Green.

The message is simple: You can safely, and easily, be IN THE ZONE, daily, on any task!

Normally, this creates 1 to 3 extra hours a day for my clients to invest wherever they desire.

During the last 30 years of training adults to maximize their focus and productivity is where I learned this magic.


“I thought that mindset stuff was bullshit… I was so wrong… It’s shocking!”

“It’s cheesy to say, but he’s changed my life and the way I live it.”

“Recorded, edited and uploaded 21 lessons for my course yesterday. Clay, you’ve created a monster!”

Trevor transitioned from an overworking, stressed out, overachiever into a happy, free, father in less than 6 months! (*baby was already on the way) 🙂

Trevor Page

Founder CEO, How To Program With Java

“Working with Clay gave me the clarity and direction to completely shift my career and perform at a much higher level.”

Ryan transitioned from full time employee with over $50,000 in debt to a Debt Free, Dream business founding, world traveling unemployable, FREE husband and father!

Ryan Jett

Founder, Day Drankin' Press (Publisher)

“I got more done in 4 hours than in the entire last week and a half!”

Dylan went from being a successful but stressed-out and overworked business manager to being a successful and THRILLED business OWNER!

Increased his main revenue stream while reducing his working hours by more than half!

Built 3 additional revenue streams, at least, all approaching 6 figure status at the time of publishing.

Found, established, and has over a year invested in growing an amazing relationship with his new girlfriend – “Life is just GOOD!” are his most often used words these days!

Dylan Stewart

Founder, CEO, The MacWhisperer, The NorthStar Man

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“Clay helped me get clear on a couple things that I could see being game changers for what I do, in terms of how to radically improve what I do.

I haven’t been this excited in quite a while. If you want to talk to someone who knows how to get the information you already possess out of you, and point out important things you say in passing, Clay is your guy. Super super good stuff and I’d recommend every business owner/entrepreneur/business teams talk with him. ”

Jeff Wenberg

Current - Director of Content Marketing, Zipify Apps; Previously - Head Product Educator, Lead Pages

“I run a series of different businesses, sometimes I get pulled in quite a few different directions. Previously, un-consciously I’d just go with wherever was the easiest or whatever wheel was squeaking the loudest – now I have that millisecond of presence to step back and see the big picture which helps me prioritise where to go for maximum efficiency and to make sure I’m working on the best things at the best time.”

Nigel went from stressed out, overworked, constantly anxious owner of an IT business to a satisfied, surfing, comfortable owner of an information marketing business in just over a year!

Nigel Moore

Founder, My Technology Business

“I’ve worked with several coaches over the years, both through my company and on my own. Most of them have been pleasant enough, but didn’t really help me change in the ways I wanted to. One coach, however, has had an extraordinary positive impact on my life: Clay Green. I can’t say enough good things about him.”
Jacqueline Remus

Vice President, User Experience Research, Design Consumer Strategy at Edmunds.com