The incredible journey started by enabling and empowering Nuclear Reactor Operators on submarines!

Follow the thread of consciousness, managing the mind, and overcoming obstacles through this story – 

Clay trained these operators to safely run a nuclear reactor, on a submarine, under the ice, with a torpedo chasing them, and a fire burning next to them! Then he went civilian teaching engineers and managers in the highly stressful semiconductor manufacturing industry for several companies, including Intel. 

Real World, Roadside, TrainingJust when you think ‘wow’, get this: Clay started helping adult new riders learn how to ride motorcycles!

The key lesson enabling them to understand how dramatically differently their brains are operating on a bike. Ultimately – Clay helped thousands progress, and survive the STEEP learning curve!


Then, there was the incident with a deer, The deer struck from 90 degrees to the right! Neck breaking on the throttle hand! Jumped, landed, half a dozen tank slappers and still, – he didn’t crash! – Really, the bike was almost destroyed, but Clay was unhurt, not even crashing! 

-This caused Clay to get REALLY serious about investigating, and understanding the power of the mind!

 Today, he helps business owners and executives understand how their unconscious mind dramatically affects every decision they make… Until they learn Conscious Flow Control and integrate these practices, easily, into their lives.

"I believe life is better when we recognize and accept the significance and unexpected impact our of our base fears and desires."

What do I mean by that? There’s a deeper program running in the background that most are not even aware of. It's always running, always affecting every aspect of our lives!

I was raised in middle ‘Merica, Alabama – Roll Tide! Embracing an educational and adventurous lifestyle that included extremes like operating nuclear reactors on US Navy submarines, and engineering and manufacturing meccas of Intel, literally building the technology you're probably using right now! Mastering those environments led to embracing other extremes as well!

Riding Snowboards and Sport Motorcycles, then training riders in both genres and coaching racers became passions for life!

The whole time, I struggled to accomplish ONE thing - Successfully building a business! Then, I hit the deer.

Riding my motorcycle (pictured here) a tad bit above the speed limit, it hit directly from the right side, just on trailing side of the front wheel! RIGHT in front of my throttle hand!

This wasn’t a ‘near death’ experience - I didn’t even CRASH! This was a moment of clarity, and performance!

After learning the REASON, and HOW I didn't crash, my focus shifted from trying to master the myriad of external "stuff", to mastering the only environment that really matters – my mind!

The REASON I didn't crash was simple: The way my brain was operating leveled me up to 'superhuman performance'!

Applying my 30 years of experience training adults, combined with his diverse set of experiences in military and corporate systems, overlaid with an entrepreneurial spirit since day one, I now help owners and other executives apply daily practices to safely enter and exit the state of flow and PERFORM in ways they have only dreamed of!

Check out the testimonials page for examples of people that have benefitted from these habits and practices - but MOST IMPORTANTLY, be sure to download your free pdf and videos helping you implement the CORE 3 Habits required for mastering these skills!

No matter your desired outcome, these 3 habits will amplify YOU and help you PERFORM with focus, clarity, and certainty!

Enjoy - LINK

 Live enabled, empowered and enthused! Live life enthusiasticlay!