WHY is journaling SO important?

Let me show you? 3 easy steps and you’ll have everything you need!

Grab a pen and paper, I’ll wait right here.

Get a pen and paper!

  1. Think: “Purple Monster Truck”
  2. SAY: “Purple Monster Truck”

Calculate! :-0 Kidding – but think about this: You had to think it to say it, right? Then, when you SAID it, you also HEARD it, huh?

Do you have any idea how many more neurons fired it took to accomplish #2? We’re talking taking whatever crazy big number used in #1 (thinking it) and multiplying that number by TENS of thousands to get the number used to think it, say it, and hear it!

You ready?

Third step: WRITE “Purple Monster Truck”


Now, look at that first ‘P’ – guess what?? By the time you finished JUST that first letter, you had already engaged MORE neurons, more of your body, more muscles and just… MORE… than you can imagine! (I can’t actually imagine the quantity I’ve been told!)

We are OUT THERE now!

The sheer quantity of neurons and synaptic activity required to HOLD the pen next to the paper is HUGE compared to ‘thinking’ it!

Remember when you were learning to spell, and had to write the spelling words over and over and over?

Know why they made us do that?



Most beneficial way?

Write a list of 3 things you’re grateful for, then pick one and ‘explain WHY’ for 5 minutes. THAT will completely change your life if you really DO IT! 🙂


Click in the comment space below – tell me ONE thing you can see right now, then, after journaling for 5 minutes at least – WHAT is the ‘root’ thing you hit?

What is the core thing you’re thankful for?

Sometimes – a plastic fork in a starbucks can take people to being thankful for their children! Where does YOUR journey take you?