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Privacy Policy:

We are using standard security protocols with all our data, that includes any notes, emails, or payment information you provide – all through second party sources. Google, Paypal, Stripe, WordPress, etc… These standard privacy practices are sufficient for the type of personal information each service uses.

We are not in the business of selling email addresses either. The only use for the email you provide during any situation will be that situation you provided the email for. Examples can include educational information; live or online event promotion, scheduling and management; marketing and promoting other services EnthusiastiClay, llc. may offer or find relevant to potentially help you in your pursuits.

Terms of use for each group or individual program EnthusiastiClay, llc. manages will be provided for each of those programs.

In addition, you using EnthusiastiClay, llc.’s resources, in any way, does not place responsibility on EnthusiastiClay, llc. or any of its associates for any results or lack of results you may experience.

Coaching Agreement – Everyone using this site, especially entering the professional coaching or training programs will read and agree to the ‘Coaching Agreement’:

Coaching Agreement