You are literally building your life story… what’s it going to say about today?


Watch this  –



Here is the question: Do you LIKE YOUR story?

It has taken 25 years of studying these concepts, for me to actually figure out how to USE them!!

You don’t deserve that long of a wait!

It really is  simple – yet very, very challenging for most of ‘us’. Are you one of ‘us’?

Are you frustrated by what you do everyday? Are you perplexed, wondering why the system exists the way it does?

Do you have a dream, an idea, that you want to pursue? Do you have an image of your life, yet are you continuously frustrated because it isn’t coming to fruition?


I struggled a really long time to build a life I wanted. Multiple attempts with multiple different business models, always striving to build some form of security, some form of abundance, into my life. Are you frustrated and tired of struggling?


Exciting news coming your way!! —


My newest favorite quote:

“If it doesn’t feel good, you’re doing it wrong.”

If you’re not having fun, if you’re not enjoying yourself… something isn’t right.

The latest research is blowing my  mind!! The scientists simply can’t “report” the realities that exist. If they did, there would be some significant changes in those systems that frustrate you. Here’s a link, as an example: LINK

That link is an article explaining that paraplegics have learned to walk again, have gained mobility and restored senses in their legs! That is some REAL “Jesus created a miracle” type of stuff there! Seriously… BUT – what is that article focused upon? The fact that “THEIR FINDINGS COULD HAVE SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON SPINAL CORD INJURY REHAB” (quote from summary paragraph of article)

SERIOUSLY? That’s IT!?!?!?!

HOW in the world did that number of DEAD LEGGED PEOPLE regain their ability to walk and use their legs? Sure, it OBVIOUSLY will have a significant impact on the way they are treated… But what is going to change? WHAT they are treating is where the focus needs to be  —


Of course, reporting the real answers as to how these results happened would be similar to announcing there are actually aliens out there – it would throw everything we believe into a tailspin!!

Every system that exists would be questionable!

And ‘they’ are afraid of questions. ‘They’ being ‘them’ that are managing the systems. Think about the last time you were at work and got a GREAT answer when you asked ‘why?’ for example.

Frustrate you much? Illogical, frustrating and ‘because I said so’ type answers rule in most of those situations don’t they?

That frustration is a conditioning tool. The system is built to perpetuate itself… to propagate the results we keep getting. And the scientific proof I’m talking about proves that it isn’t ever going to change – until YOU change something.

Most importantly though, this research, this test, and the truth behind how these miracles worked PROVE:

all it takes is YOU


How? And what specifically is the important thing to change? -you.

you’re probably thinking… “Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve HEARD THIS BEFORE!” (This has been something I’ve said a few times in frustration too!) —- Here’s the question I kept asking —  HOW?


Well – The answers are here!


We’ve been conditioned, trained, and are being conditioned and trained to keep doing what we are doing. So we must change something to change something!


I kept asking, kept asking, kept studying, kept learning and now am excited to say confidently, there’s a LOT of proof in client’s results, and mine!


Here it is – everything you really need to know:

The first step is we must become more aware of how dramatically ‘trained’ and ‘conditioned’ we actually are. That awareness is what enables us to actually change our patterns, adjust our path, and actively CHOOSE where we are going.

It’s actually really simple – but not that ‘easy’ to change your direction.


There are 3 little habits that I’ve found to be the biggest, most powerful levers in the attempts to make this change quickly, effectively, and simply!


If you are ready to actually start making a change in your life, this is officially ‘the shortcut’. Just remember – there is no real shortcut. There are simply actions that cause results.

You get to decide how easy it is to implement those actions, and see those results! Some clients I have BELIEVE it is EASY to change their patterns and behaviors, others think it takes a huge effort. Guess what – they are both 100% accurate! In each case, they are living their beliefs!

So, the specific actions we are discussing will physically rewire your brain. As we rewire our brains, we are more and more empowered to make good decisions.

This is not rocket science – it is backed up by rocket science and has been proven by those scientists over and over again though!

Develop these three habits, grow these three habits. The next steps are simply understanding what you want.


It’s sooo simple.

Dive in with these resources:  — In these free videos you will learn WHY these habits are critical, and you will be given a very detailed pdf to help you build these three habits.

Chase your desired life… write your story the way you WANT to write it – that’s literally the best thing for us, the rest of the world.

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Have a GREAT day!