Today’s video is pretty COOL!!!


It captures a key moment in a man’s day very clearly. A moment we must learn to master, and the sooner we master it, the better we master it, the better off you will be.

Awareness that you are existing in these moments is the first step…

Adversity arises, challenges present themselves, unexpected surprises, accidents, even people with bad intentions doing specific, targeted bad things – all these things will happen. Something happened to Eddie, the narrator in this video.

The moment we need to focus on, however, is the MOMENT at about 30 seconds into the video. He was “angry”, sitting in his living room “pissed off at the world”…


At he realized the IMPORTANT insights he shares during the rest of the 4 minute video.

YOU, and your ability to recognize when YOU are in that moment, and taking the right actions, is literally the life and death situation we are faced with more today than EVER before!

THIS is why I talk about meditation all the time. That is why I practice meditation daily, and it HAS dramatically changed my life.

The sooner you are able to realize that you’re focusing on something like Eddie was – the negative, the bad, the challenge, the better!

Being AWARE of your internal state is ‘the secret’.

Awareness is the thing that gives you the super power. The super power to DECIDE to shift your perspective.

The difference between the 90% and the 10% comes down to some TINY little details really. Daily habits, YOUR ability to focus YOUR mind is the ONLY thing keeping you in the  90% (if you even are!)

When I share these concepts in one on one situations, or small groups, my favorite moment is when you suddenly understand how TINY the difference is between where YOU ARE and where you want to be.

Either starting, or growing your meditation habit seems to almost always be the difference maker. Please don’t get me wrong – I know a LOT of people that meditate that aren’t in that 10% we’re talking about.

Thing is they typically aren’t aware of how they are holding on to old patterns, even in meditation. The practice must grow, ever changing, evolving – because that’s what YOU want to do, right?

Sitting still isn’t what we were put here for, as you grow and learn new skills, habits, etc… -SO DOES YOUR  SUBCONSCIOUS! That means your meditation habits, mind habits, daily habits and practices must evolve as well.

Don’t be scared, it’s not hard – it starts with ONE step.

Your ability to change your perspective and understand how YOU can use the 3 habits effectively, easily, consistently – is the KEY thing to grow, consistently, for you to WIN your day!

Here’s the link to get all the resources to help you start those habits.

Download those, enjoy your day, WIN your day, master your mind – master your world!

Oh – here’s that video I was talking about –