What are you trying to get done?


I could stop typing right now, and you’ve officially been given EVERYTHING you’ll ever really need.

Is the reason you want to get it done big enough? It all comes down to that.


Everyone is different, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Some people are motivated by being able to walk into a room and have people turn and look at them. That results in hours in the gym, fanatical diet control, staying up to date with the latest fashions…

Some are driven by growing their family, some by growing their bank account, some by the status and opportunities an advanced degree will bring.






I can share with you tons of resources to help you do everything from meditate to produce an award winning sales page to become the best nuclear reactor operating, motorcycle racing, snowboarder on the planet.


But… why?


If you don’t have that one tiny question answered, truly, then you’re simply not going to do what it takes to get it done.


Many people, me included, often wait until it is so ‘necessary’ by the outside world’s standard, that we suffer through needless struggles before we actually get it done.

That was my problem. I was trained to wait until the ‘last minute’ before applying myself.

Examples? I’ve been evicted from an apartment, I’ve skated through years of school barely passing, I’ve had my back so far against the wall that I had to spend, literally, over 80 hours a week studying, for over 2 years, to just barely qualify for a program I really, really wanted to be a part of… but why?

Why did I want to be a part of that program? That’s the thing!

Why do YOU want to GET IT DONE?


Me? I was terrified. I was scared to death of what would happen to me, my family, and my world if I didn’t qualify. If I didn’t do ‘good enough’, if I didn’t excel in this ONE spot.

My identity would be shaken if I didn’t make it.


That’s the secret.


What do you need to do, in order to make YOUR identity, your core purpose, align with what you WANT to do?

Honestly, most folks don’t even really know what they want, do they? So props to you! Props to you for reading this long, because that tells me you WANT something. Now… what is that? Is it aligned with your identity? Can you effectively manage your thoughts so it is consuming you enough to make you get it done? *if you don’t KNOW what you want, that’s OK. That’s just another way your subconscious works to keep you ‘safe’, and stationary. The truth is, you DO know what you want. It normally takes about an hour to help you see it.


That is why we meditate. To manage our minds.


Here are the 3 Habits that are ‘the shortcut’: enthusiasticlay.com/3habits


Get those, and if you need help, reach out.