You know those ah-ha moments? Well, HOLD ON!! This is gonna be a hell of a RIDE!

Sitting there, across from me she’s TORN UP!

She’s HONESTLY afraid her friend is going to kill himself.

Jason was going through a bad divorce, tearing him apart because he is constantly in the middle of HUGE life-affecting decisions every day… And he couldn’t win, for losing – you know. Just crap, everywhere. And Linda was WORRIED!

After about 5 minutes, I asked her to WRITE DOWN what she wanted to say to Jason. What did Jason NEED to hear, and KNOW? What was Jason forgetting?

Linda wrote down a few things, not telling me what she was writing, as I asked her to.

25 minutes later, we are in the MIDDLE of intense work about Linda’s business, actions, desires, what she’s going to do next, how big of an impact – all that stuff… Like all of us, at times, Linda was in the middle of a plateau.

Indecision was her current ‘blockage of choice’. What to do, which way to go???

You understand, completely, I’m sure – we’ve ALL experienced it before, right?

Right now, jot this down: WHAT do you NEED to communicate with someone or something? What’s driving you nuts? What is BUGGING you? Or – what do you LOVE about that person, event, or thing? (comment below with your findings!!)

constant worry about being stagnant. Currently not moving forward, and simultaneously TERRIFIED of making a bad decision kept Linda LOCKED in place. 🙁

I simply asked her to read what she had written for Jason…

“He’s Safe.”, “He’s Loved.” “He simply can’t make a ‘bad’ decision!”, There were a few other more specific things like: “He’s sexy.”, “He’s a GREAT provider.” “He’s reliable.”, as well… but the big ones were ‘bolded and underlined’ – ALREADY, she had done that when she first wrote them!

#mic-drop-moment!   🙂

She immediately clicked, deeply, into the moment and realized her next steps, her decision MADE! She wrote for about 5 minutes in her journal outlining her next steps, which of course were PERFECT!

So – what about YOU? What MIRROR is the world showing YOU, today?

Mirrors are everywhere – both ‘meta-physically’, spiritually, and – LITERALLY!

After decades of working in very high tech industries (Nuclear Reactor Operations, Semiconductor Manufacturing – making the computer chips that make it possible for you to read this), I had become a bit of a geek.

Allow me to simplify it as much as possible: The current understanding of consciousness and this whole ‘thing’ we call existence is simple, It’s a MIRROR!

That means that, yes, the technology you’re reading this on would NOT exist if you weren’t here to read this!

AND – more than ever, the PHYSICISTS, not just spiritual leaders, but SCIENTISTS are proving, over and over and over, that what YOU contain in your brain, not only, DRAMATICALLY affects everything you see – IT LITERALLY CAUSES IT.

“So, Clay, HOW do we apply this then?”


Are you ready (I warned you this would be a bit bumpy!)

What are you ‘wrestling with’ right now? What is a relationship that you’re not happy with? Are you making the money you want to make in your business? Are you experiencing the mastery in your job, sport, studies, that YOU WANT? Pick ONE thing to start with.

The best to pick would be… something you’re PASSIONATE about! How about your marriage? How about your kids? How about your parents? Something that can make you HOT, quickly. Something you’re passionate about!

Next – who do you want to SCREAM at about that topic?

For Me? It’s a potential client that ‘doesn’t get it’.

Someone that I SEE is in pain, is frustrated, is not happy, and WANTS the answers I have – but doesn’t see that I can help. WHOA! That is SO frustrating, to me – actually painful!

Or – I could use Tara as an example. Probably save that for a FB Live though! (be sure to follow me on Facebook! – LINK)

Next – Think about that ‘person’, or group… And FEEL your frustration. Feel your anger. FEEL your HURT!

And then, simply grab a piece of paper and write down what you want to SCREAM at them!


That’s what your mirror is SCREAMING at YOU!

That is the message YOU need to hear, most – right now.

If you did it right, you will INSTANTLY be able to see how that first thing is SO relevant! (It may HURT, a lot. And that further validates it!) 🙂

My message? I’m FRUSTRATED when people don’t ‘get it’. Because frankly, I see them hurting and I KNOW I can help… BUT – they can’t ‘hear’ me communicating that!!! ARGH!

I’m frustrated they can’t just HEAR ME!!! I want to SCREAM: “LISTEN! – DO THIS!!”

Every time I FEEL that I’m reminded that my ability to communicate isn’t as great as I want it to be. I’ve been focused on my communication, really working on clarity and coherence of message. I hope you’re seeing that!

But if not, that’s cool too! The important part is to keep sharing and giving to those that are ‘getting it’.

I help people SEE that mirror and develop practices and habits to see that mirror sooner, sooner and sooner and make decisions sooner, quicker, more efficiently – and better. In other words – remove plateaus, or shorten them as much as possible.

We are all always going to be stopped on plateaus through this lifetime, the ‘game’ is simply mastering the ability to minimize the time ON those plateaus.

Start these 3 habits TODAY, and grow them to learn to manage this skill better and better –

I hope I’ve helped you ‘see’ that mirror a little more clear. If yes, this is a Facebook Group you may enjoy. I frequently share more practices, tactics, and tips and tricks to help you GET IT DONE: LINK

Please, use this new tool, and IN-JOY Your day!

**No, Linda, this isn’t referring to you, or Jason – Names changed.**