Let’s not sugar coat this…

I’m down right now. And sometimes, you are too, right?

THE question is: WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?

What is it about that 10% that never seems to ‘get down’? What are they doing differently than us, the 90%?

What’s the magic? What’s the secret sauce that they have that we’ve just not been given?

Here’s the answers –

  1. Awareness

That 10% have mastered the art of being aware of their energy state.

We can call this a lot of different things – energy, mindset, daily schedule and cycles… whatever. The bottom line is, they have mastered their ability to be aware of their energy state, how to maintain it, and most importantly HOW TO RESPECT IT!

  1. Respecting it

Great! I’m REALLY aware I’m down, now what?

Depending on your energy state, there are times when certain activities make more sense than others, right? This is very obvious hopefully. If you’re making a major life decision, it’s probably not wise to do that while your fasting for a week and didn’t sleep the last 48 hours – right?

Maintaining your energy for your upcoming activities is one thing, but then being able to BE AWARE, and then adapt your plans, adapt your actions, and adapt your expected outputs based on your energy state is the next ‘trick’ that they’ve learned.

As Clint said, in Heartbreak Ridge – Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!

But – HOW? What is the CRITICAL thing to do, when you’re ‘down’?


This is the most important part!!

That 10% not only adjusts their plans and expectations…

They ALLOW and ACCEPT their limitations and energy cycles.

What does that look like?

A client recently ‘fell off’ the wagon with several of his key habits.

OK, let’s get back on that horse real quick!

Then, we need to understand – why? Looking back over a stretch of time, he realized he had been pushing and pushing and pushing himself, hard. Learning and implementing new lifestyle optimization habits, doing hard work to produce quality output – on multiple fronts! (He has a regular 9 to 5, plus he’s working on producing his art!)

Then there are other aspects of his life that aren’t optimum, as with us all, BUT that’s not the point.

The BIG #3 is this: When you falter, when you’re down, when you slip – BE THANKFUL!

My favorite question in these scenarios is pretty simple: “What is the lesson here? What is the gift for you in this?”

By changing this from a “serious issue” that I’m “in the middle of”, to a gift that I’m being given, I NOW am EMPOWERED instead of being just another victim of ‘failing’ to maintain my habits, or my energy.

So – actions?

  1. awareness – meditation and presence
  2. respect – plan, schedule, learn and adapt
  3. RESPECT – what is the lesson? why is this happening, NOW?


Actions –

Most often we don’t see it coming. For about a month I’ve been asking some key questions and making suggestions in regards to helping that client be more aware of his energy… He wasn’t able to see the dip coming.

Most of us aren’t. -THAT is why it is VITAL to consciously make a plan and STICK to it, in regards to daily habits and practices!

But alas, we all, including me, slip in those habits… or just push and grow and suddenly find ourselves in a spot that is even more energy absorbing than we planned. What then?

That’s the big one!

If you can simply be aware, then thankful, you win!

The only way to lose is to allow your energy dip to motivate you to beat yourself up. Every moment you’re not feeling good, you’re doing it wrong! (you may have heard that before, somewhere) 🙂

Yes – even when it’s been one of ‘those’ days. Especially when it’s been one of those days!!! I’m tired right now. Decided to write this right now, when I’m down, on purpose.

Why? To help you, and me, remember that it’s PERFECT to have cycles! It’s perfect to be tired! It’s perfect to feel like you’re not doing enough! It’s NORMAL – we ALL, including the 10% feel that way!

Now, don’t be sad about it. Be thankful for it!

HOW are you going to do that? Leave a comment, send me a message -what is your #1 method for feeling good, even when you can barely control your thoughts? What’s your go to?

Nap, music, eat, movie, show, friend, read, write – what is it YOU WANT TO DO when you’re in that dip?