“Our eyes are not viewers, they are also projectors that are running a second story over the picture we see in front of us all the time.”

Very powerful words to consider these days.

Enjoy this inspirational video:



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Jim goes on to explain how we always have 2 choices, and only 2 choices: Fear or… Love.

When we look out onto the world, our internal disposition determines what we see. There has simply been too much scientific research that has proven time and time again this previously held ‘belief’ is actually a scientific truth.

Protect your internal state. Your frame of mind determines everything about the world around you.

Currently, one of my favorite daily habits is writing affirmations. One thing I write 10 times every day is this: “Everything always works out perfectly for me.”

There are a LOT of times when I have felt that statement isn’t true. A lot of times when I am 110% confident that ‘it is not working out like I want it to at all!’!! 🙂 And then, as time passes, it becomes obvious that it was perfect.

Toby Keith wrote a song, “Thank God for unanswered prayers” – – – same thing basically, right?


These concepts are not new, but the scientific proof of how our minds work and how physical reality IS affected by our thoughts IS new. Exciting times to be a part of this world right now, when it is a proven fact – no longer an esoteric belief!

I hope you are able to embrace this new reality with enthusiasm and optimism… otherwise – it’s probably not your reality at all, huh?

How can you improve your world by simply improving your attitude right now? What habitual routine can you put in place that will help you see things as awesome as they are more often?

Enjoy your day!