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“Dreams without goals remain dreams”



I’m LOVING Tim Ferriss’s new book, Tools of Titans! In that book, Carl Shay is quoted as coming up with this one: “The meanings of life are found after the word ‘cliche.’” 

Let’s get to the BASE level of that first quote: “Dreams without goals remain dreams.” – Get down to the core truth of the cliche!

Connect it to the second thing said in this video: Will Smith talking about building the wall in front of his father’s store. You don’t start by planning on building this amazing wall, you start by laying one brick, as perfectly as you can.

Cliches so far – Focus on the small goal, do each thing to the best of your ability, then there’s the goal setting principle that started the whole thing.

Why do SO many people struggle with these simple, cliche, principles of life?

The answer is hidden, and works hard to keep us in the dark, but it is simple – your subconscious has evolved over millennia to keep you alive, reproducing, and as comfortable as possible. HOW it does that today is a complex and multifaceted tale that we aren’t going to have time to unravel completely today…  BUT, I will focus in on this one distraction, this one tool it uses to keep you from reaching your dreams.

There are simply TOO many options out there for goal setting courses, goal setting day planner systems, journals, etc… You know why there are so many? Because they ALL work for some portion of the community!

There’s the next cliche hurdle: Know Thyself. Let’s walk through a typical experience, and one that I’ve had many times!

“I WANT… something!” -I’m going to do it this time!

How? Well, The Franklin Covey Day Planner is a pretty awesome system that is endorsed by many many companies and individuals! And I believe in the whole 7 habits thing… so yeah!

Go get that planner!

Whoa… there’s a LOT to implementing this planner…

– define your dream, break it down to attainable goals, establish a desired and reasonable timeline. Measure your progress along the path you planned, make adjustments as necessary.

Here’s the thing that tripped me up everytime: Any and ALL of those steps! EVERY step of the execution planning path can be hurdle! Literally EVERY step! Isn’t that crazy?

We haven’t even gotten to any of the actual ‘steps’ in any of the processes either! I’m just talking about the ‘goal setting’ step. THAT is what we are focusing on today.

How? How is the subconscious so powerful? More importantly HOW do we overcome it?

What can you and I do? How do “those” people DO those things? How can Iiiiiiiii GET IT DONE? I was soooo sick and tired of being frustrated and NOT getting it done!

Ok – here’s the answer: baby steps! But – baby steps toward what? And the challenge we are talking about here is THAT. Figuring out the best specific baby steps! What tiny step is a ‘good’ step? How do I GET IT DONE?

There are millions of success stories of people that have gone online, taken a class, and ‘click’ – built multimillion dollar business empires!

Why can’t you? Why couldn’t I??

The answer is in our pre-conditioning. Our BELIEFS. We have to start at the CORE, if we really want to build and maintain a different lifestyle.

That is why I’m excited to NOT be trying to sell some class on how to make money online using… amazon, youtube, facebook, snapchat – whatever! I’m helping people build themselves into a person that can make money online, or anywhere else, using whatever model you want to use!

It’s not the business model, it’s not the path… the answer is YOU. (another cliche, huh?)

‘Base Level’ is where this all starts. Knowing yourself well enough to be able to actually sense and feel some truths within yourself is vital. Developing habits that support the person you want to be is the simple answer, yet how many people meditate daily? …exercise every day at the same time? …drink over 20 ounces of water first thing in the morning? -How many people actually pull the trigger and develop these tiny, seemingly inconsequential, habits?

THOSE that do are typically the people that consistently get it done!


What is the bottom line?

The bottom line is there are 3 habits, 5 pillars, and 5 traits you simply must consistently have established in and are building in your life:

  • Habits:
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • Gratitude
  • Pillars:
    • Think – do not react
    • Belief Circles
    • Associations
    • Behaviors
    • Targets
  • Traits:
    • Clarity
    • Energy
    • Productivity
    • Courage
    • Influence

There are people that have built careers, courses, million dollar businesses focusing on JUST ONE of those smaller bullets.

MindValley for example basically focuses on meditation and is a $40 million dollar per year company!

What am I trying to do? I’m here to get you to do ONE thing…


You’ve heard all this before, you have seen ads, free resources, online classes, community college classes, seminars, etc, etc, etc… – START!




Click here –

You get: several free videos explaining why and how; a huge pdf full of links and resources for you to explore to HELP YOU start meditating, journaling and practicing gratitude. All in JUST ONE EMAIL!

I’m not a flashy ‘online sales and marketing machine’ guy…

If you like my style and my approach and want to work with me, reach out. If not, cool… Either way – START MEDITATING! Warning – I’m expensive, because I’m one of the best in the world at helping people actually get what they want.

Step #1 however, for everyone, is the same – START MEDITATING! 🙂

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