This video inspires. It inspires because it’s about YOU, and me!. This video brings out 3 great tidbits of wisdom that are simply required  if you have any desire to grow.

Actually, this video contains possibly the single most important lesson you and I will need, if we really want to “get there”.


Check out the short motivational video, then read the summary below to make sure you take away those 3 pivotal pieces of wisdom!



There are 3 pieces of wisdom in the video…


“You need to acknowledge and accept that doors are going to be slammed in your face.”   -well, let’s be honest, I’m not aware of anyone actually getting a door slammed in their face these days. Most people aren’t that rude, but I get what he’s saying. It feels like the door was slammed…

OK – so step 1: acknowledge and accept that the majority of people are going to not understand, they are going to say ‘no’.

You gotta keep going.


“You need to be as ENTHUSIASTIC on the 51st door… as you were on the first door.”

Maintaining your enthusiasm is a vital aspect of the process you are in. Learning to maintain that enthusiasm, learning to maintain YOUR enthusiasm will set you apart. Here’s the exciting thing, to me: We are all different! What works for me, perfectly, probably won’t work as well for you.

Determining, then establishing the routines and habits that work for you, consistently, is arguably the single most important thing you can do.


At the 2:58 mark in the video is where this last piece starts. Bottom line of the story about Arnold is this: Every tiny step he, and you, take is a step toward a destination you desire, so – enjoy every step.


Gratitude for each and every step, both the good feeling wonderful steps that leave you energized and excited for the next one… and gratitude for the crappy step that left you broken and embattled in whatever horrible and unimaginable situation you may have found yourself in.

It’s still a step in that direction, so be grateful for it.

Part of my ‘enthusiasm maintenance routine’ is watching motivational videos.

Learning and developing YOUR OWN ‘enthusiasm generation process’, or ‘enthusiasm maintenance routine’ is arguably the FIRST, most important ‘step’ you can take.

What is it that FIRES you up? What is something that when you ponder it, your brain starts swirling in positive, excited energy?

Eddie suggests at the end of the video: Remind yourself of what that ‘Fifty first door opening’ is going to feel like. He is referring to the big win coming – staying focused on your big dream!

What can you do, every day, to establish that fire within yourself? What does a perfectly enthused day look like? How does it start? Write down a few ideas – establishing YOUR mindset, building your perspective before the news can creep in, before the world starts shadowing your views is a HUGE step in the right direction!

After 25 years of helping people establish new skills in multiple areas of expertise… After spending that time also researching human performance and how to help people attain their highest levels of performance and satisfaction, obviously, I’m a BIG believer in enthusiasm! (Look at the freaking url, right?)

To help everyone as efficiently as I can, maintaining your enthusiasm, building it in the first place, recovering it when it dips, sharing it with the world… there are 3 habits that are VITAL.

Build, maintain, and grow these 3 habits as a foundation for everything. These 3 habits (gratitude is one of them) are the foundational basis for every success I’ve ever studied.

Enjoy your day, and build and maintain enthusiasm for YOUR dreams and your goals!