Here are the 3 reasons you won’t do this:

  • You are worried that you’ll lose all your customers. When actually, you’ll just lose the ones that aren’t a good fit, leaving you more time to service the ones who ARE! (More time, more money = growth!)
  • You don’t think what you do is worth the price hike. You are wrong. This is a self-worth issue, not a reflection of what the market will bear. I’m in the business of empowering business owners to command the price they deserve and this is a non-negotiable with me.
  • You are afraid of the changes that come along with raising your prices. You’ll be required to grow and growth can be scary. But don’t let the “unknown” of receiving more money for your services deter you.

I challenge you to raise your prices this week. Period. Comment below if you’re doing it!


How in the WORLD can I possibly charge twice what I’m charging?

Every ONE of my clients I have could simply not afford me if I do that. I can’t do that to them!

Ok, cool. Don’t do that ‘to’ them.

Here’s my question: If your current clients CAN’T pay 2x, how many of your current clients do you want to duplicate?

Quick answer – you don’t. You’ll realize that as you try to scale.

On the other hand, when you realize that regardless of your skill, someone, somewhere is paying 4x what you are receiving for that same skill – you will recognize that this is an ABUNDANT planet!

True, there’s a ‘top’ to everything, but if you’re reading this, it’s a SOLID bet you’re not approaching that spot!

That means there is someone, right now, closing a deal, somewhere for 2 times, 3 times, even 10 times YOUR prices for the same services you are offering.

The question is: Who do YOU want to serve?

One important lesson I’ve learned as I’ve raised my prices is that those that pay more, do more!

Those that invest at higher levels are MORE committed. Those that invest in themselves more, attain more positive outcomes, faster, than the others.

Am I ‘trying harder’ for them? Not really.

Are they ‘smarter’ than the ones struggling to pay the discount price? -NO.

Are they dipping deeper into the ‘secret sauce’? MAAYBE…

See – when you invest a BILLION dollars into something… when you put everything you’ve got into ONE basket… when you decide to COMMIT at that level…

YOU WILL NOT, NOT, Get your investment’s worth!

What does that mean?

YOU are going ALL IN and will DO those exercises, put in the laps, and lift those weights – to make SURE you don’t waste that money!

So, I ask again, WHO do you want to work with?

Jimmy – struggling to  get his finances in order to pay you  a bit? Or – that BADASS doing ANYTHING he can to work with a badass like YOU?

Seriously – what do you THINK you need to do, before you double your prices?