This video goes back and forth for me…

There’s always at least 2 perspectives on everything, right?

There’s speakers saying “You have limited time…” And “You have plenty of time…” in this video. And that’s basically life- that contradiction. There is always going to be a contrast.

In this example, in this moment – right now:

Think of a goal, a destination you would like to arrive at (like those ambitions you had at 18!). At some point as you  ponder this goal, you’re going to think and feel that you either are OUT of time and overwhelmed and stressed because you simply can’t do everything in the limited time you have…


You will look at that goal and see that you have plenty of time. So much time that heck, there’s probably no real reason to worry about all those details, no need to ‘get started’ right now – you have plenty of time, right?

Both of those, in this example are the thing that Warren Buffet is talking about at the 2:00 minute mark in this video!

Learning when, how, and why I consistently would get in my own way was the magic moment in my life when it all switched. Figuring it out, and applying high performance tactics to simply flip the ‘in my way’ part into a booster instead of a road block seriously changed everything.

Helping people understand how they stop themselves, and how to build systems so they stop stopping themselves is what I do now! And I’m so thankful – because I finally am doing in my life what Elon Musk talks about at the 3:00 minute mark! If you think you’re ready to TRULY understand what is happening in your brain, in your mind, that is holding you back from being more, apply here: LINK (You are applying for a 1 on 1 strategy session. This usually includes the 3 MUST DO habits to build, and the secret ‘magic bullet’ to empower you to overcome every obstacle ever placed in front of you!)


Enjoy today’s video! It’s pretty damn inspiring!

oh – and ironically, the BEST part for me (of this video) was the first 45 seconds!


I haven’t even mentioned, in this post, how freaking empowering and enthusing THAT few seconds was! WOW!


Serious shout out to: Navid for this amazing video over at Absolute Motivation on YouTube!!

Here is his website:

Here’s that link to apply for a one on one session with me again: LINK [you will get 1 hour of focused attention to help you find clarity, and understanding of how your brain works to stop you – and what the 3 MUST DO habits are to start counteracting that. Plus – the secret antidote to counteract your brain’s self limiting behaviors!]

Live an Enthused, Enabled, Empowered life! Live Enthusiasticlay!!