This post will help you if you are part of what I have labeled ‘The 90%’. Are you someone that constantly wonders WHY ‘they’ are able to just kill it, and you feel like you’re doing the same things – but not killing it? How did ‘that guy’ (or girl) build that business? or lose that weight? Or attain that goal? And I DIDN’T??? Don’t feel bad!!!

Acknowledge that they have done something different, they are doing something just a tiny bit different – and THAT is that super power!

It’s not that they have ‘no fear’…

Have you ever seen the brand “No Fear”?

Here is their website  –

And – I think it is complete and total CRAP!!!! Wait, hold on… ease up… let’s dial it down a notch and talk about this.

First, I love their new homepage (July 2016 is when I’m writing this). They show a bunch of athletes doing extreme things with the quote “This is my comfort zone.”

So – I think that totally makes me point of why I do NOT like the attitude a few people have out there: “No FEAR!” They basically deny that they have any fear. They are actually more afraid to admit that they have fear, than do something they are TERRIFIED to do! Crazy, isn’t it?

You know the ‘kids’ I’m talking about, right? They are emboldened to go for it in a variety of crazy activities by ‘fighting’ (actually denying) their fear. Sometimes this is a useful approach – no question. buuuut – after learning all the amazing things about how our minds work, I’m more convinced than ever:  A TRUE “No Fear” state is very rare. And – it’s typically more risky to be in that state.

Let me explain? and- use a brand that I have a certain disdain for as well! 🙂 Those extreme athletes ARE in a comfort zone when they are pushing themselves. I assure you, they all still ACKNOWLEDGE their fear! Especially when they get to the level that they are making national headlines!

Acknowledging the fear, seeing the risk, accepting the potential negative outcome – that’s all part of learning how to grow your ‘comfort zone’!

How does this relate to that super power that ‘they’ seem to have? Those guys that always seem to attain every goal they set while you ponder ‘what makes them different’???!!!!!???!


Well – I know the answer! They have learned some skills and apply those skills to some TINY little daily habits. Those habits give them the ‘super powers’ we are talking about.

I’ll share those habits with you, but here’s the rub. The ‘trick’ they have learned is to take some actions. So hearing, seeing, reading these habits isn’t where the magic happens. The place the magic happens? APPLYING the habits!

Here – you can sign up, and get these habits instantly here: LINK

But – YOU MUST apply them! If you struggle with applying them, you have to ask yourself: “what are you  afraid of?” And that – that’s what is impacting me today in this motivational video!




In the end of this video there’s a statement made: “96-97% of everything you do is controlled by your subconscious mind…”

It’s more like 100%.

I help people understand HOW their minds actually work, how your deepest desires, and fears, impact EVERY decision you make. Then, I share empowering and enabling knowledge and experience to help you live enthused!!! This results in no longer being in that 90%! (see the testimonials page for examples).

Here’s a great way to get started: –LINK – Learn and start applying these simple habits. We are past the point of debating their effectiveness, the only question is: can you apply them? If not, DEFINITELY get in touch and let’s get that sorted out!

Enjoy your day!