“It’s not a matter of whether or not we can, everybody can… but not everybody will.”

Quick summary of this video: Your vision is what creates your world.

Nothing you can go purchase, even trees or flowers or produce… NOTHING that surrounds most of us, most days, would be here had someone not seen it before it existed.

The smart phones, gas stations, mountain dew… yes, even the kale you can purchase – somebody had the vision of having a farm growing kale… someone had a vision of a distribution network to deliver it… and yes, someone had a vision of the grocery store that you were in when it was presented to you.

The message that is becoming more and more prevalent in the world today is that YES – we SHOULD embrace our ‘visions’!

The old way of doing things was to ‘go to school, get a good job, etc… etc…’ – that is OLD NEWS! Don’t get me wrong. Some people thrive in a job situation, and I get and respect that. But if you don’t, stop fighting it!

Find your vision.

Develop habits and practices that keep your vision firmly implanted in your conscious (and subconscious) constantly, and PURSUE THAT VISION!

Finding your vision is called gaining clarity.

Keeping your vision ‘unshadowed’, and clearly defined, and in your face – that is called maintaining clarity.

Those are SKILLS. These are skills you can learn and improve, and honestly NO ONE I’ve met has ‘mastered’ these skills yet – so don’t feel bad that you got some stuff to learn! So do I!!!!

Sorry to hold off on the video, enjoy it! Here it is:


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Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Courage, and Influence ¬†– if you ¬†think you could stand to be better in any of those areas, I’m someone that has mastered the art of helping adults learn and implement skills to improve themselves.

(Quick secret – those “3 Habits” over to the right, you simply MUST start there!)

Live Enthused Friend!