Simple awesomely inspiring.

There’s a point in this video where they say something like: “This happened faster than we even ever hoped.”

THAT is the world we live in folks!

The news may be telling us that ‘Merica is going to hell in a handbasket with the election, the hate, blah blah blah – but the reality is violent crime is down, hunger is down, prosperity is up, everything tends to keep getting better and better – so stop letting ‘them’ draw you in with all the drama??!!??

Instead look at things that are happening.

This random dude (Elon Musk) set his goals on changing the world and he’s literally doing it! This one little spot in Nevada will produce MORE sustainable power sources (the batteries) than the entire world’s production combined!


How did he do it?

He followed some basic, base level, habits, kept building those habits, kept growing, kept expanding his belief circles and… He’s planning on colonizing Mars! BOOM!

YOU do not need to think THAT big… but you  GOTTA get brave enough to think ‘big’ for you! Otherwise, you’ll stay RIGHT where you are today – forever.

I’ve come to believe we are literally ‘here’ in order to learn to control our minds. Learn to expand our vision past the horizon. Learn to apply ourselves in a meaningful way and positively impact others!

So, what are YOU going to do today?

ONE key thing I will say before you go try to develop the cure for cancer: YOU MUST learn to heal and care for yourself on this journey. You may not need that ‘right now’. You may be able to take the first steps on your path from where you  are (most of us are). But – you will, at some point, come face to face with the fact that you probably don’t give yourself enough credit, enough praise and enough self-value.

Establishing habits to check in on that is important too!

A lot of talk about habits, huh? Well – there are 3 that will change your life, and these have become base level, fundamental requirements for growth these days.

Here they are –


For now, enjoy this ‘more technical’ motivational video than my norm –