5 Days to Super Human Focus and Productivity Get Productive! 

"TWICE the amount is done, in HALF THE TIME!"


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You will learn:

Foundational 5 Minute Habit

The most effective morning and evening practices

Pre and Post Work session practices that make the BIGGEST difference in your productivity

ONE VITAL work session practice that 'makes all the difference in the world'!

Are YOU ready to become a focused, productive MONSTER?  

Focus = Productivity

Your ability to focus is everything.  

"He has shifted my mindset... has improved my business... has improved my life! Clay, you’ve created a monster." - Trevor Page, Founder CEO, Learn to Program With Java - Coders Campus  

"I got so much done I don’t know what to do with myself. It feels great, and I owe it all to Clay Green and his phenomenal mastermind. I got so much done today, it rivals the last week and a half put together. Thank you Clay!" - Dylan Stewart, Founder CEO, The Mac Whisperer

In just five days, you will BUILD your most productive day EVER!

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Ryan Jett - From over 50,000 in debt, to FREE!

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Jeff Wenberg, formerly of Leadpages! And now, no longer with Leadpages he's pursuing a LOT of other wonderful opportunities! (confidential now)

What does this course look like? 

Over the duration of 5 Days, you will be receiving a daily email with a new lesson. 

Each lesson will teach you one, or two, tactics and practices to INSTANTLY increase your productivity!

Will you APPLY these small steps to actually SEE the difference?:

  • 5 minutes in the morning
  • Apply ONE tactic before your most important works sessions
  • Apply ONE practice after each work session 
  • 5 minutes in the evening

Seriously... it's MAGIC - if you apply these practices...


This is designed to be easy and quickly applicable, for quick impact and integration. 

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