“Your life is your life. Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. Be on the watch, there are ways out. There is a light somewhere.”

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, no question! The question is – what will make a difference? Find that LIGHT!

Crazy inspiring video for you right here!



Here’s the bottom line – if you’re relating while you watch that and read this, it’s time to get serious. There is really ONE amazing tool that always seems to help.

  1. Get the thoughts out of your head!!! Get a piece of paper, a journal – something, and make a list of all the things bouncing around in your head.

If you’re someone that hasn’t started a business, or started building a life to pursue your true passions, then one way your subconscious has stopped you has been by keeping you too distracted, too confused on WHAT to pursue!

Starting to try to put all those thoughts on paper is step one. Knowing there IS a process in this madness is next. Then, you want to start figuring out what’s possible to do RIGHT NOW that will lead you closer to what you  truly want.

This is an oversimplified step, of course, because if you’re like most of us  –  you have no IDEA what’s possible, right? Rest assured, today’s technology and access to everything make damn near anything possible!

If you are ready to start learning more and figuring this all out – reach out to someone for help! There are a lot of folks, like me, out there that love to help others with this kind of challenge!

But – the most important thing, you simply must stop feeling trapped. You’re not. Live an enthused, empowered and enabled life – live EnthusiastiClay! 🙂

So, when you’re ready to take responsibility, head into the scary unknown and brave the world’s challenges for YOU, then apply here for a session with me that is sure to empower, enable, and enthuse! 🙂 LINK

A lot of research has gone into understanding why people like you (and me), reading this, thinking the thoughts you’re thinking reach out for help. The number one reason – clarity. Gaining clarity on what you want is possible. There is a process that answers these questions.

Grab a pen and paper, get comfortable writing stuff again (it took me a while), and then ask someone that has been down the road before you.