We ALL draw the line where we choose.

If you’re still in victim mode, you think someone else is drawing YOUR line, then stop reading now. This is ONLY for those people ready to take full responsibility for drawing their own lines.

Why? Because, if you allow me to be really honest, even when we think we are drawing our own lines, we’re not! Example: what YOU  believe is ‘normal’ behavior in a market or a coffee shop is completely different from what someone in a third world country believes is normal, right? Yet both ‘behaviors’ are happening right now somewhere, and are both being considered ‘normal’.

My point? YOUR lines in the sand are inescapably connected to your life’s experiences. Learning to manage them at that level, that’s some ninja level mind mastery right there! Can you do that??


Let’s talk about it –

In this video, Eddie very eloquently describes our lines in the sand. Or as you may be more familiar with, belief circles.

YOU get to decide what YOU believe, is the bottom line. I love how Eddie paints these pictures with his words, very inspiring and clarifying.


Here’s the video, then – let’s talk a bit more about these lines…


Eddie describes moving that line about an inch a day or so. Slowly growing your belief circles bit by bit.

Are you?

Are you actually growing your belief circles, or moving your line in the sand, daily?


” HOW do you REALLY do that Clay!?!?! “

I spent many years thinking I was doing that!

It turns out that I was, it was just REALLY REALLY slowly.

Why was it so slow??

I was thinking I was doing the necessary things. Reading books, even sporadically meditating and attending events – even occasionally writing things in a planner or a notebook…

I THOUGHT I had understood the significance of all these habits people were talking about… but I didn’t.


Because I learned these lessons, I can bring them to you, now, with CLARITY and simple daily steps! Here’s the bottom line –

YOUR ability to SEE your line depends on your skill to be aware.

Just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you become at ‘seeing’ your lines, THEN, you can adjust them!


The 3 Habits I’m always ranting and raving about are the



That’s really ‘it’. If you are not investing time, daily, practicing the skill of being present and aware of what you’re thinking and feeling – you are NOT on the fast track.

If you are not actively growing your skills in using your written words, journaling, to further elevate your skills and awareness – you’re not doing it.


It really is that simple. And, it’s my job to keep telling you that.

“HOW Clay? How do I know when I’m meditating right?”

“How do I use a journal like THAT??”

“What do I do when I’m BORED with meditating?”

“What if I can’t read my own writing?”

-Here’s the deal:

  1. Start
  2. Test
  3. Grow
  4. Test
  5. Grow


  1. Starting – NO MATTER WHAT – set aside a few minutes every day for YOU. FIND something you enjoy doing that can be considered ‘meditation’. Prayer, guided, silent, breathing focused, walking – ANY THING. The first, and hardest, thing to do is to start. So – what will it take? START?
  2. Grow – when you have 10, or more, minutes dedicated to meditation and 10 minutes where you are writing EVERY day, then it’s time to start growing and focusing those habits. (easiest thing to write about  is usually gratitude lists and explanations)


If you haven’t received and implemented your 3 Habits PDF, here it is again: enthusiasticlay.com/3habits

Download that guide, and START!

Then, it’s time to decide what you want, where your line in the sand is and how far you have to go… then – GET IN TOUCH!

Every one of us is different.

Starting the habit is generic: do something, set the time aside, DEDICATE yourself to THAT practice like your life depends on it. That guidance is the same for everyone.

Specifically what meditation technique you’re going to use, what color paper your journal is, pen or pencil, etc… -those are the unique things that make everyone different.

Then, leveling up, using meditation and growing your awareness; or using mediation to rewire your belief circles (move that line in the sand!) – those techniques will vary from person to person and require some investigation and experimentation…


Just so we are clear: Unless you find yourself in an actual life and death situation, THERE IS NOTHING you can do that is more important and beneficial to YOU than meditate.


I’m going to do a 10 minute session right now!


Enjoy your day!