Deep  thoughts Sunday – you ready?

Physicists have proven it. Jesus, and other spiritual leaders taught it.

This whole ‘existence’ simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you.

This picture of a beautiful mountain (Mt. Hood), these words, this ‘facebook thing’, your car, your house, your bank account, your spouse, your kid, your pet, your toe, your shoe, your shirt, your boss – it is ALL here, simply because YOU are creating it every time you think about it.

Even when you ‘see’ something. Look at something right now- glance away, go ahead… what did you see?


What happened was SOMETHING you imagined was produced and reflected back to you a table, chair, tree or cat – whatever it was you ‘saw’.

Basically there is a LOT of tiny little ‘things’ floating around everywhere. You and I have 5 tiny, underdeveloped and really pretty weak, senses to try to make sense of all those tiny bundles of energy. (atoms and subatomic particles)

When you look and see that tree, cat, or table, your brain is simply interpreting the frequencies and energies hitting your ‘photon receptor’, or eye, as ‘that thing’.

This is no longer a ‘theory’ in the classic sense either.

If you go investigate how different cultures have different realities you can see this ‘theory’ on a massive scale!  (think how ‘you’ would live in North Korea, versus where ever you’re living free, right now)

HERE is the question – What are you going to DO with this understanding?

Create your reality is my suggestion. It’s not easy to just ‘throw a switch’ though. It takes something else… mental agility and strength.

What are you doing every day to strengthen your mind and open it to the possibilities that others are living, everyday?

My suggestion –