This post can change your life, no small offering there… and I’m dead serious.

First step:   What are YOUR daily habits that will determine your attitude, perspective and journey through your day?

What habits do you want to improve?


Next step – THIS motivational video:





Please recognize that I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else isn’t working hard enough.


Actually, what I’m suggesting is the opposite. Odds are, if you’re like me and most of the people I work with – you are already so focused on your goal that you’re straining and striving MUCH like Brock in that video above!


My question is: Are you giving your best effort IN THE PLACE that needs it the most?

So the question is: “What is your death crawl?” — Or what is ‘IT‘ that you aren’t doing your best at, that you probably need to be doing better with? What is ‘IT‘ that could use your undivided attention and care?


Again, I’m not suggesting your not working hard, or you’re lazy – I’m suggesting you are probably not aware of the place that you need to have that dogged determination, that DEATH CRAWL FOCUS upon!


With absolutely zero hesitation, based on the years of helping people attain ever increasing levels of success, I can say this  with confidence:  Your personal daily habits, that empower YOU, are the place where you probably need to strap on a blindfold and push yourself to your limits.

Your challenge is recognizing what habit or practice is the most valuable, the one that needs you to show up and ‘death crawl’ it with a blindfold on? Most people I work with nod their heads knowingly when I ask about meditation, or journaling… And everyone I work with develops those habits! But – most don’t push themselves like Brock. Most just do it, to a minimum standard, because they aren’t aware of how critical it eventually will be for them.

The 3 habits I promote fairly consistently are the starting points. Meditation, Journaling, and a constant focus on Gratitude are VITAL aspects to grow your mind, heart, and soul into the person you are supposed to be.


What ONE thing can you focus on today, maybe for the rest of the week – how about for the next thirty to sixty days? What ONE tiny habit that is for you, that will help YOU, that will EMPOWER YOU, can you focus on starting right now, and truly give it your all…

Giving it your ‘all’ probably looks like just sitting quietly for a few more minutes and meditating, every day. Giving yourself the time to focus on your goals and dreams in a journal maybe… Or even simply taking a walk and giving yourself those all important moments to decompress…


…Just like Brock in that video. If you are aware of ‘where you’re at’, then odds are you’re not giving it your all.

How can you push it? How can you further develop YOUR ability to be aware of YOURSELF? That is what leads to your ability to make wonderful, life changing decisions in the heat of a moment. That one skill, that one developed practice is what will enable you to make wise decisions when it is time to invest in your next training class, or when it is time to decide if that offered project is right to fit into your calendar or not.


Take care of yourself, you deserve it.