What is Flow and why should you care about it?


Effective Profitable Productivity.

You producing the results YOU DESIRE is what it’s all about.

For most that I work with, it’s all about making more money, with less effort and time invested.

Flow is defined as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” Mihály Csíkszentmihályi was the original psychologist that uncovered the commonality enough to label the existence of this state, back in the 80’s and wrote about it in his book “Flow” released in 1990.

Since then there has been a LOT of research and learning, and a LOT of things like the progression of professional snowboarding tricks and wing suit flying to prove how incredible it is, when you can ‘use’ it.

Can YOU use it?


2017’s “Stealing Fire” breaks down multiple ‘entry paths’ into this state used since before recorded history and explores some very interesting examples since history has been recorded as well! Great Read!

But just like the 2014 book, by Steven Kotler as well, “The Rise Of Superman”, the biggest complaint I’ve heard about both books is: HOW? That’s what I do, but alas, NOT what this post is about! 🙂 To really dive in and start using flow, reach out!

This post is to define WHY you really want to learn about this, what’s in it for you, and what people have gained from consciously utilizing just BITS of these processes.

“I got more done today than in the last week and a half!”

“I have 2 extra hours EVERY day!”

“I haven’t touched a video game in over 4 months!!”  -after playing over 1.5 hours a day for the last 3 decades! The funny part about that to me was we NEVER even discussed not playing video games!

What if…

What if you were able to increase your ability to FOCUS, stay focused, and increased your output and quality – all at the same time?

That is the end result of this process. When you consciously enter, and safely manage your exit from, the state of flow – you ARE superhuman during that process.

That’s why everyone should care, in my opinion.

Then, there’s this… WHY are we here?

BIG question, I know. But let’s be real about it, in a tangible ‘everyday’ way, shall we?

This wonderful thought experiment is always exciting: What if you had all  the money and time in the world – what would you do? We start with buying the things we want now, and then… And we keep going. and then? and then? and then? Ultimately we would find exciting and challenging ways to serve others, probably. BUT –

All along the way, if you ask ‘why?’ you uncover that, ultimately, you want to buy that Porsche, private jet, or luxury yacht, or help people recover from abuse or ptsd, because… it makes you FEEL GOOD.

That, I think, is REALLY why we are here. To ‘pursue happiness’ to quote one incredible author.

Guess what. THE single most ‘ultimately good’ feeling you will ever feel is when you are ‘in the zone’!

Imagine sitting down to do your accounting, or write your emails, or do your customer management tasks – or repair the car, or wash the dishes… and… YOUR IN THE ZONE!?!?!

That is why one client hasn’t touched a video game since implementing these practices – he’s not aching for that great, ‘in the zone’ feeling anymore – he gets it EVERY DAY doing ‘mundane’ tasks he’s always doing!


So, what if…

What if you could FEEL ‘in the zone’, every day, consistently, predictably, and safely?

What if THAT also resulted in you improving the quality of your work?

What if THAT also increased the quantity of your output?

That literally gives my clients more hours, every day… with more profit, every day… with less effort and more time to enjoy the time off, calmly and confidently.

So, What if?  -that is WHY you should investigate this concept. At least enough to find out if it delivers as advertised.

For a taste, we are still offering this short video course, for free! Check it out, take it for a ride – see if flow is a lifestyle you want to pursue: LINK