Over 85% of participants in any High Performance Training program report that the Most Important take away was: Increased Clarity.

GREAT for them, right? BUT – one question everyone asks is…

What the HELL is ‘increased clarity’?

Clarity can be defined as: Knowing what you want, or want to do – AND, maintaining your awareness and focus on that, consistently.

That brings us to the challenge most people face when thinking about their career or business.

This challenge presents itself in several ways:

  • Some are very aware of ALL their options! There are simple too many great and beneficial opportunities – “I can’t decide which is the best path.” Or – “I’m not sure what the best direction is!”
  • Another way this lack of clarity manifests is in NO options! Many people struggle with this challenge, so don’t feel bad if you’re here. “I don’t have any choice, I have to do this or that – it’s all I can do.” Or – “I’m not qualified to do what I want to do, or I’m overqualified even.”

There are other ways ‘lack of clarity’ shows up of course, but those are the most common.

Would you like a trick to help gain clarity?

This is an exercise I use, often, both for myself and my clients!! It is VERY Powerful and effective, IF you commit to applying it as prescribed.

Start with a pen, paper, and a timer of some sort. Of course, if you prefer – pencil is ok. But the paper and actually handwriting is not optional!


  • Set the timer for 20 minutes.
  • Write this across the top of the paper: “What do I want to do, why?”
  • Start the timer, start writing – and DO NOT STOP for at least 20 minutes!

Even if you have to write something like: “What the heck is the point of this? Clay Green MUST be crazy!” -just keep writing!

At first, you’re going to be focused on the question at hand: “What job should I choose?” “What customer should get my focus?” “What is the right career path?” etc…

Then, you’ll answer the first question: “What do YOU, WANT, to do?”

Then, you’ll answer the next, vitally important part: “WHY?”

That will lead to more ‘what do I want to do?’ and ‘why?’ apparent ramblings.

They are NOT ramblings.

Do this today, at some point in your day – morning, afternoon, evening. Then tomorrow, do it at another time. Then the next day – do it at the other time that is undone.

Then, do it another 10, 15 days in a row – but pick the time of day that FELT BEST in those first 3 days.


When did it feel best to just be sitting there writing? Not necessarily when it was ‘most effective’ – that’s not the point.

Just focus on finding a great time to commit to writing a little something everyday.

That’s step one. Gain clarity on WHAT you WANT to do – and WHY.

Challenges to overcome: DO THIS EXERCISE even if you’re someone that can’t imagine HOW you’re going to ‘do it’!

In other words – you want to be a professional basketball player. But you’re 5’6”, and 45 years old, and the last time you touched a basketball was about 2 years ago when you visited a new gym and during the walk through tour a basketball bounced toward you… OK….

The question is NOT ‘how do I become a pro basketball player?’

THE question is: WHY? Why do you want to be a pro basketball player? EXPLORE THAT DEEPLY.

I want to be a pro basketball player because they get to play all day, stay in shape and literally exercise and improve their game for a living! And they make a LOT of money!

OK -so, what do you WANT to do? THAT! You want to exercise, play all day, and get paid a LOT of money! – well, WHY?


That’s step one: GET clarity.

The next step is to find ways to STAY FOCUSED on what you want.

That’s a WHOLE other can of worms!

Stay tuned for some tips, or contact me ASAP (I have a free, short class that helps you develop superhuman focus and productivity here, for example)

I hope that served you.

If it did, please share this with your network?

And Enjoy your day!