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In this video, Byron Davis says this:

“The problem is no one ever teaches us how to master ourselves, how to master our beliefs, and our behaviors, and our attitudes and our actions. And know how to line… those things up, to meet and direct us toward the desired outcomes in our life. No one teaches us how to do that.”

Well, I’m here to OWN THAT! As a matter of fact, many have said, I’ve mastered helping YOU MASTER YOURSELF!

You are officially in contact with someone that is ‘claiming to be’ a master at doing JUST what that quote suggests no one does.

The speaker goes on to explain that the actual process of attaining what you desire is what teaches you those things.

Well, what if there was a way to learn it, immediately, utilizing simple daily habits and practices?

THAT is what the 3 Habits are all about friend!

Download a pdf that explains the 3 Habits and how to start; Get some pretty great videos too – enthusiasticlay.com/3habits


Well, the speaker is right.

NO ONE, in the ‘normal world’ will support you, help you, lead you to figure out how to master yourself, your beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and actions to get what YOU want.

I’ve learned over the years there are a LOT of people out there that will GLADLY manipulate you, ‘carrot’ you, or ‘stick’ you into adjusting your beliefs and behaviors in order to help them build THEIR dreams. This is what happens when you’re a low or mid level employee of a company that has built themselves to a ‘system’, in the ‘real world’.


I’m soooo not a part of that real world anymore!

What you are reading here is very clear:

These 3 Habits are the core, foundational practices and habits that will enable you to learn to do JUST what that first sentence said!

Learn to master your beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and actions to get what YOU want.

It REALLY IS that simple. enthusiasticlay.com/3habits

Next step – most people aren’t able to ‘get it done’ alone. I’m one of them, there’s about 80 to 90 percent of the population that is like ‘us’ if you relate.

I also help small groups of people establish, grow, and UTILIZE these habits effectively to get on down that path you want to go down.

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Regardless of downloading, joining, whatever… ENJOY this little bit of motivation this morning: