Release & Rise Retreat Sedona, AZ

A healing & business acceleration experience.

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Sedona, AZ | June 19-23, 2019 

*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: available (read below)* **COUPLES DISCOUNT: available for partners buildling a business(s) together** 

Who This is For: Business Owners, Executives, & Solo-Entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to step back from "the hustle" and honor themselves with relaxation and community.

  • Are YOU the ONE, working hard to get it done? Alone?
  • Are you ready for a break?
  • Are you craving that moment when everything comes together "like magic" in your business?
  • Are you willing to let go of the "daily hustle", prioritize your self-care and step into your business's next level of service? 

Then COME TO SEDONA June 19-23! Connect, heal, and grow with other professionals who understand your journey.

The Release & Rise Process:

Stage 1: RELEASE (otherwise know as...FUN!)  

This gathering is designed FIRST and FOREMOST as an opportunity for you to step away from the daily grind.  

Find peace in this iconic desert mountain retreat in Sedona. Experience the "energy" of the Vortex fields in Sedona that naturally reveal and heal the parts of us and our business that are no longer serving us. 

  • Release you anxiety
  • Release you stress
  • Release your fears and overwhelm 

So you can find your Clarity, Focus, and Stamina surrounded by other leaders eager to uplift you!  

Stage 2: RISE  

This community HAS the answers you need to elevate your business to the next level. 

Whether it's Scaling, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Offer Creating, Advertising, Product Launches, or Team Leadership - we have you covered.

You will have a chance to voice your businesses needs to the group on Day 1 and we will structure the trainings and group sessions to make sure you get what you need to move forward!

And remember: you already know the answer. ;) Relaxation in Stage 1 will allow you to access what your Inner Wisdom wants to share with you.

The Plan: What You Can Expect

June 19 - Travel day. You arrive in Phoenix. Transportation from PHX to Sedona is covered. You will arrive in Sedona in the middle of breathtaking red rocks and stunning views.

June 20, 21, 22 - Content and activities to include: 

  • Hot Seats
  • Work Sessions
  • Breakout Focus Groups
  • Catered, High-Vibrational Meals
  • Outside Adventures like Hiking, Jeep Tours, or Crystal Hunting in Sedona's many metaphysical shops.
  • Time for Mediation, Healings, Massages, or other Energy Work.

The group activities and casual 1-on-1 conversations will transform you and your business!

June 23 - Travel day: You will be chauffeured back to the Phoenix Airport and leave with the tools and vision to Confidently Lead your business into 2020!

SHORT NOTICE Follow These Steps: 

Step 1 - Look at your calendar.

Can you fly into PHX (Phoenix, AZ) on June 19, 2018? And stay through June 23?

YES? - Keep Reading:

Step 2 - Look at your accounts.

Can you invest $1,297 in yourself for this tax-deductable, business training, experience?

(Includes: Food, Lodging, Chef, Transport to and from PHX airport )


[Please note: Payment, in full is REQUIRED BY May 24, 2019]  

If YES to BOTH #1 and #2, and you KNOW you want to attend this gathering, and YOU ARE READY TO COME TO SEDONA, REGISTER TODAY to be eligible for the early bird discount!

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PLEASE SHARE THIS! Even if you can't come - if you've attended one of the many events hosted by Clay, Tara, Jon, or Maria, and you KNOW how VALUABLE these events have been for you:

SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY in groups, with other Alumni, with people you know would fit in, and BENEFIT greatly.



Relax & Play in this Luxury Vacation Home!

All accommodations, lodging, meals, transportation - EVERYTHING is covered and taken care of for you! (Alcohol excluded.)

All you have to do is arrive at the Phoenix Airport on June 19 & book your return flight on June 23. 

This Retreat will be managed with our signature passion and community-building spirit of from previous events.

With a spotlight on healing and spirituality. (We are in Sedona after all!)

Meet Your Hosts:

Jon & Maria Christine

Tara & Clay Green

With dozens of gatherings like this under our belt, you will feel at home, and be energized with the actionable, high-level support you receive!

Jon is a business building maestro. His exploits include commercial real estate finance, and advising multiple businesses on strategy and growth! And the EXCITING twist? He's highly educated in bio-hacking YOUR (and his) health! Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration technology and practices are at YOUR fingertips! 

Maria is a business owner and spiritual sage too! Her expertise lies in plant medicine, shamanism, and spiritual healing!

Tara is a marketing expert specializing in helping you create a message that your ideal clients feel in their heart. High-vibrational marketing strategy. She's also an intuitive & Tarot reader.

Clay is THE best State of Flow Integration Trainer in the world for entrepreneurs and business leaders! [States of Flow will help you safely double your output in half the time!] You can leave Sedona being able to instantly tap into that super state of consciousness at will, safely!

Other experts currently planning to attend: Your Virtual CFO PTSD Puzzle Master Mac Whisperer - THE Apple Resource to the Stars! Publishing, Kindle, Amazon expert And MORE!

Don't forget - YOU! You will be meeting some of the most connected business owners in the world!

DO NOT let this opportunity to not only LEARN from them, but also become a VALUABLE RESOURCE FOR them pass you by! 

What is the ONE thing you feel called to share with this tribe? 



We are officially a GO!!! You don't have a lot of time to decide!  

GET REGISTERED TODAY! Complete this form and join us in Sedona!  


 MIDNIGHT - May 20, 2019 


Register before May 10 to be eligible for Early Bird Discount: $200 off if you apply NOW! (That's ONLY $1097!)

ONLY AVAILABLE for the first 5 attendees who register.

Reminder: Sedona is destination location. The cost of renting yourself an AirB&B for these same dates would be VERY PRICY, and this experience is all-inclusive!

***Want to bring the spouse? Are you a Business Building Couple? DISCOUNT!

After approval, you and your spouse may be invited for the discounted price of only $1797! 

If you apply in time, you will also be offered the discounted early bird price! So - APPLY NOW if you are interested in BOTH of you attending for ONLY $1597! (that's only $200 more than the full single price!) :-0



Your application does NOT include a payment. 

After receiving the applications, and minimum attendance commitment is achieved, we will send further instructions via email

This is NOT an email marketing list. This is a ONCE-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one, of a maximum of 15 people, gathering for the LIFE CHANGING Release and Rise Sedona Sleepover! 

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAIL, look for email from Do not miss the payment instructions.

Please Note: 'Outside Activities' may require additional funds (Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona Night Sky Alien Sighting Tours, souvenir shopping, etc...) so bring some pocket change.