You, managing reality, not just your filters – that’s the goal. Why? Because when you master your mind, you master your world.

Have you read ‘The Five Love Languages’?

They are: Quality Time; Acts of Service; Gifts; Words of Affirmation; and Physical Touch.

Those are filters. What’s underneath those filters? What do I mean by ‘filters’?

What is your love language? Next, how do you most appreciate it when someone gives you love in that language?


– Let’s say your language is words of affirmation. If someone tells you how wonderfully clean the floor is after you’ve swept it, that makes you feel some level of good, right?

What would that same person need to say to make it feel 10 times better? What subject would they compliment you on? What words would make you feel great, then GREATER, then EVEN GREATER!!???

Can you see that layers and levels of words of affirmation, or whatever love language is yours, starts to come out?

Those layers of ‘words of affirmation’ are all contained in the ‘words of affirmation’ layer as well!

Even if that is your primary love language, it will still affect you, to some degree, if someone gives you a gift, right? Or if someone gives you a massage – that’s tapping into those other ‘love language layers’. Maybe the massage doesn’t feel AS GOOD as the words of affirmation about how wonderfully you make love… and that’s the point – layers and levels, right?

Here’s the rub. Those are all layers. And there’s something deeper going on!

Let’s get to the bottom of all this – the core!

At the root of our entire existence, everything comes down to 3 questions. That means that everything we see, taste, touch, feel, smell and hear on a daily basis goes through 3 CORE questions. Everything else that we label those sensations with is just our filters.

Good and bad; up and down; heavy and light; pretty and ugly; tasty and delicious – all are just judgements we make AFTER we’ve answered these 3 core questions.

What are the 3 questions?

  1. Will it kill me? (or hurt me really bad)
  2. Can I eat it? (or help me really great)
  3. Do I want to have sex with it? (or will it make me feel GOOD)

That’s IT really. Every love language, or experience we have -or imagine-, is all based in, rooted in, and backed by, those 3 questions.

Those are also the questions that our subconscious uses to distract us, very effectively, every time our subconscious is motivated to stop us in our tracks!

What does this all mean, how can you use this knowledge?

There are 2 levels of awareness we must develop.

  1. Our shared, evolved, core human triggers and responses
  2. Your personal, learned, conditioned, and manufactured triggers and responses

When you master your awareness of these differences, master your ability to sense when one or the other is ‘in play’, THEN you can start mastering yourself and your environment.


The 3 habits are the proven, shortest, safest path to this mastery. Download your free pdf and videos explaining these concepts here: LINK

Meditation, Journaling, and Gratitude are the 3 habits. Establish them, grow them, expand them –

Master your Mind, Master your World!


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