What’s the FIRST thing you think, every morning?

“Win the morning, win the day” is a VERY familiar saying, right?

How are YOU implementing this cliche’ to win YOUR day? Carl Shay suggests: “The meanings of life can be found after the word cliche’.” USE that cliche!

Brendon Burchard can be heard describing ‘the charged life’ – his moniker for living every day as fully as possible.

Are you?

Or, are you tired of going through the motions? Or worse, are you tired of not getting what you want to get done done?

The ‘secret’ that MANY productivity and performance experts…

Wait, it’s really ALL of them not ‘most’ or ‘many’!

The secret ALL of them will share with you: “Win the morning, win the day!”

So – what are you DOING about it?


Here’s a GREAT video that says the same thing, with a few suggestions:




What are you going to DO about it?


I help people understand and control the state of flow, daily. It starts with a winning morning routine as well!

Kids, spouses, jobs, late nights – NOTHING stops the ‘winners’ from having a consistent ‘morning routine’.

Denzel, Brendon, me… you?

Here is the state of flow pdf guide I’ve built for you. Grab this, and follow the suggestions to establish a GREAT morning routine for yourself.

You deserve it!


Enjoy your day, tomorrow, by STARTING a morning routine!

You got this!