How are you doing?

Me? You know, pretty good…

The video I watched this morning was particularly poignant. It seemed to remind me that sometimes I have this feeling…

Like, there seems to be blazing streams of glory and success happening EVERYWHERE around me, yet I consistently see and feel like I’m being left behind.


Here’s the video that got me moving today!


Heck, Tara even came down this morning and had some great news regarding her endeavors that happened overnight! Yet, in my world, all I can see is the struggle of working on this project, the stack of effort that needs to go into that project, how I’m letting these other things drift into the background that truly deserve my attention…

Then there’s the worry – “Am I doing the right things?” “Will the effort and investment pay off??”

It just seems to never stop, right?

One potential place I’m considering placing some effort is building case studies. Giving potential clients a place to go and read about (or watch a video about?) some of the clients that I’m HONORED to have been able to enable over the last few years. Will that be a valuable place to spend my time? That, and several other questions seem to always be hovering as I plan my days…

Well, here’s what I’ve learned in regards to handling all that  –  and I hope this helps you today!

Every ounce of effort that I allow to go towards THOSE thoughts is an ounce that doesn’t go toward one of those things that NEEDS my efforts.

All that indecision is simply a tool that my subconscious, or my ego, or ‘the devil inside’ is using to hold me still!! THAT is exactly HOW our subconscious mind works. It uses any and every leverage point it can find, to KEEP US SAFE! (to most of us, the subconscious sees change as the biggest single threat out there!!)

What do we do about this challenge?

How do I improve my ability to conserve the worry and stress energy and spend that energy in the right places??? (focusing on one project, spending time exercising and making good diet decisions, or simply effective and awesome quality time with my partner are examples of where that energy is better spent, right?)

Here are the steps that I personally use, and share with my clients. Please realize – this is some seriously high value, proprietary, and closely held secret mojo I’m about to disclose!

This is like giving you a quick glimpse into one of those ‘secret areas’ of a major corporation trying to beat the competition… so please, do NOT share this with anyone! Let’s just keep this between us, ok? 🙂

Step one is always awareness.

Being aware of where your thoughts are, and being aware of the topic your brain is spending energy on is vital! Recognizing when you are ‘triggered’ is the first step. Ultimately the goal would be to develop habits and practices that don’t allow the ‘tripping’ to happen, but very few of us are even truly close to that yet!

Now that you’ve identified you’re focusing energy on the thoughts surrounding ‘what if?’ – or other thoughts, that are not where you want to be spending your energy… GREAT! Good job! Take a moment. Seriously (this is part of the procedure!) Take a moment and reward yourself for RECOGNIZING and being AWARE of where your thoughts are!

Reward yourself with a nice big dose of good old oxygen!

Why not?

YOU just recognized your mind is where you don’t want it to be, and you are about to take steps to remedy the situation!

Take a nice, big, deep breath!

Ok – great!

Now that you did that, ask yourself if you can get MORE oxygen in your lungs? Yep – why not take about 4, or up to 8 or even 10 nice, long, deep breaths??


That was a part of the procedure, just so we are clear.

1. Awareness

2. Breathe some nice deep breaths. (Not going to explain all the chemical interactions happening here and now, contact me for more info at that level). But THIS is a vital step in the process!

Finally – CHOOSE!

There are dozens of ways to apply this step. Some people force themselves to do some physical activity like take a short walk. Others will simply be able to take a breath, blink a few times and PICK the new thoughts and actions

If you are struggling at this point. If your mind is still wanting to spiral toward those unwanted areas and focus on things that aren’t helping you, first, breath more!

Then – grab a pen and paper!

Using your hand to actually write out, not type, those ‘all over the place’ thoughts will force your thoughts to stop spiraling as long as you stay focused on the paper and pen! Seriously – if you haven’t tried this, do it!

And, if you have tried it but it didn’t ‘work’ for you. Get serious. THIS always works if you really work it. Take the time to make it work. S L O W   D O W N. Breathe. Write down your thoughts, slowly…

Well – there it is, my super secret formula to successful mind control!! -controlling YOUR  mind! Since it’s obvious at this point that this isn’t really a big ‘secret’, I’ll admit it – I was joking earlier!

I’m actually asking you to share this!

Of course, along with the rest of us,

you have probably learned, the ‘trick’ isn’t in knowing what to do

– it’s in actually DOING IT!

If you are painfully aware that you know what you should be doing, but struggle to actually do it, that’s where people like me come in! I’m REALLY good at helping my clients apply their knowledge and expertise effectively and consistently. When you’re ready to step your game up, that’s when it’s time to reach out to me!

Until then, here is another resource for you: 3 Habits to implement that will dramatically improve your ability to actually follow the procedure described above! Grab your phone and text: “3habits” to 44222!  This will not put your phone number on a list, it will simply ask you your email address, and I’ll send this short video straight to your inbox!


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