Let’s start with the bad news?

The bad news is that if you’re reading this, then you’re probably like the rest of us… We have ALL been conditioned to be followers.

In today’s video, the speaker describes a leader and a follower. He goes on to describe how differently leaders think. How followers wait for direction, how followers are told where to go in life – and go there… Where LEADERS are… different.

I agree with his assessment – but… there’s always a but, huh?

The but is this – the overwhelming majority of ‘leaders’ aren’t ‘born leaders’! They are built. Typically by themselves! As a matter of fact – every leader I know is someone that followed to the point they realized they didn’t want to anymore!

Do you want to stay where you  are? That’s kinda our common denominator in this human ‘race’ – we all want more… more of something.

Back to leaders and followers and our conditioning – basically even though you may not be conditioned to think as this guy describes leaders think in the video, and that you HAVE been conditioned and trained, extensively to follow – that’s OK!

YOU get to decide!! YOU get to decide if you want to recondition your mind to think like a leader. You get to chooooooooose! (such a powerful word!)

Here’s that video:

The question you have to ask is: what are you doing about it?

I’m sitting here telling you, straight up- you, me, WE are all conditioned to be followers MUCH more than we are conditioned to be leaders. When was the last time you started a new, healthy habit? That’s just one example.

Where am I going with this?

I’ve spent my life enjoying all kinds of adventures, all sponsored by my ability to follow. Follow the system, adapt and get a good job. Follow a boss’s words. Follow the team’s lead.

I’ve excelled at working ‘in the system’. It allowed me to embrace and enjoy wonderful relationships, exciting hobbies, and amazing adventures – the whole time wrenching my soul. Here’s some good news  –  The system never killed my soul!

I was always able to see a bigger picture, on both sides.

One- I was almost constantly annoyed, surprised, and FRUSTRATED at how the system was built to apparently reward average, reward compliance and complacency instead of initiative and drive and enthusiasm! (that was particularly hard in many cases – not being my ENTHUSED self!)

And – I could see how some people were able to escape this system… How they were able to flourish, apparently using the system. And I had multiple wonderful opportunities provided me – but I was never able to actually let go and leave the system. It was too warm and safe. I was TOO CONDITIONED and PROGRAMMED to truly free my mind and actually see, and take full advantage of those opportunities…

So… HOW?

I spent those years in the system mastering the art of helping people learn how to do stuff. Stuff like operate a nuclear reactor, run a complex machine, ride a motorcycle without killing themselves…

So – HOW? has become an integral part of my life and passion. Helping people ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING!

Now, I help people apply the NECESSARY mental and physical habits to rapidly reprogram their minds. Now I completely understand, and have multiple dozens of success stories, of people’s minds I’ve helped free.

See, I can’t really ‘do it’ for them – I can only lead them to the path. YOU have to actually implement the practices. How? That’s the deeper level.

I help people understand how these silly little practices (3 Habits) matter more than pretty much ANY thing else you can do.

Implementing these 3 habits is EVERYTHING.

So my question today is simple: What is it going to take to get YOU to realize this?

What would have to happen in order for YOU to start meditating, journaling, and developing a daily gratitude practice?

What would you have to know, see, understand, and believe about these habits?

What if 80% of all successful people had those habits – would that motivate you to copy them?
What if 100% of that same category did – would that do it??
What if paraplegics were walking today because of these habits? (yes, they are!)

What, in this GREAT, HUGE, AMAZING world would it take to get YOU to commit with everything in you – to believe – that these habits WILL change your mind! Not only will they – these are the shortest path to that change that you CRAVE!

That burning desire to no longer be trapped and contained by ‘the system’! That burning desire to have MORE…

Yeah – I’ve said this before, and will say it again. It seems almost every motivational video I watch these days is telling people to struggle and strive and work harder… Even these inspirational videos are saying “You’re not enough!”

Well – I suggest you give yourself a break. Recognize that you have been brainwashed with more money, effort, time and energy than any other civilization in history to NOT step out and excel.

You basically need a ‘reboot’ in your cranium and need to load up an operating system with the mindset YOU desire and DESERVE to have… and – YOU CAN DO IT!

How? These 3 Habits are the shortest path.

If you KNOW you want to implement these habits, or have other tasks you  struggle to get done… yet the world’s programming is holding you hostage, that is what Get It Done 101 is for! Get IT Done 101 teaches you, and dozens and dozens of others so far, how to simply STOP NOT getting it done!

This is the DEEP stuff. This is the stuff that I had to learn in order to actually start implementing these habits. This is the knowledge I learned in the months following the deer incident that motivated me, that inspired me, that made me understand HOW to implement these habits in a way that resulted in… me getting it done!

I’m only accepting, at the most, 3 individuals per month into this program. You’ll see why when you check out the details here – GET IT DONE 101