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“Often, deciding what NOT to do is just as important as deciding what to do.” -Steve Jobs

Clarity is the necessary component for making that decision.

“Clarity is key to accomplishing anything in life” -Eddie Pinero


When you are clear on your goals, everything becomes easier.

Eddie uses a map as an example. Imagine you’re in a foreign country with no smart phone, no navigation system… do you remember those map things? Paper maps – that’s what you would be using!

I’ve been there a few times, lost and struggling, and here’s what I’ve noticed. When you purchase a map of a state, or province, it documents ALL the roads. Every possible path between where you are and where you want to be is available to you. Even those that are significantly wrong to take. You could take hours to reach a destination 15 minutes away, but you’ll get there! You can still connect the dots… but why would you chose to do that with something as important as YOU? As your life??


Some hotels go out of their way to prepare things for us. They may highlight a path. Or some of the big attractions have specific maps for them! Those attractions will physically remove the majority of the possible distracting routes and highlight the fastest, easiest route to get to them.


That is what Eddie, and everyone else, is talking about when they describe clarity.

When you start making decisions to minimize the things that distract you from being your best self – that’s when you seriously start making progress! You being your best self is the first, most basic, rudimentary position to take when striving to attain anything. Clarity on that is a step we all take eventually.


My purpose is to help you find clarity, develop that ‘undistracted map’, and HIT your goals in the most efficient manner possible!



The most consistently solid thing I can offer: Meditation, Journaling, Gratitude. These 3 habits are the foundations for everything. In one way or another every success is founded in these three habits.

If you know this, and you’re not working to either establish or improve those habits – WHY NOT?

That last couple paragraphs was, for the majority of the people reading this, the completely straight forward, straight line ‘map’. Those are the things that will improve everything else, period.

THOSE are the things to establish as a goal and STARE AT IT constantly, until you’ve developed those habits… like Eddie Says in the video:

“…draw a direct line between you and your goal. Stare it in the face.” -Eddie Pinero

Well, developing those habits is the most efficient, most straight forward, STRAIGHT lined path you can take.


Here’s the link – https://www.enthusiasticlay.com/3-habits

You will get free videos explaining why. You will get multiple pages of pdf documents explaining how. You will get multiple pages of resources to help you develop each of those habits.


“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


Pretty straightforward really.


Enjoy today’s video, and go get what you want out of life!!! Live Enthused, Enabled, Empowered – live Enthusiasticlay!