There’s only 2 sides to the coin…

“YIPEEEE!!!” or “OH SHIT!”

As you go through your day, start noticing your initial reaction to things.

Are you faced with more problems and challenges, or winning, exciting opportunities?

You’ll probably find there is predominantly ‘negative’ observations repeating. At least if your ANY where near normal.

The question to ask is: “Which do you WANT to experience more?”

If you want the exciting, happy, wonderful, dream lifestyle most of us are hoping for, it’s time to TAKE ACTION!

What action? -To TIP those scales in your favor!!


HOW? -GREAT question!, I’m glad you asked! 🙂 

It’s a simple game, really. There are 1  of 3 things YOU are doing, ALL the time!

  1. You are putting POSITIVE, wonderful, happy, exciting, optimistic, weights on one side of the scale.
  2. You are putting poop on the other side of that scale… or
  3. Someone ELSE IS!


There are 2 KEY points for you to take away:

if you are NOT actively choosing WHAT you are thinking about, someone else is.

That means either the outside world is impacting your mind, in this moment. Yes, if you’re reading this, then I am. YOU have DECIDED to read this – so really, you chose! And, as in this case – It may be GREAT, or horrible, things ‘they’ are putting into your mind. (Hint: If you’re watching ‘the news’ – it ain’t great!)

If you’re not watching, or reading or otherwise being impacted, but you’re just ‘coasting’, not actively focusing your thoughts – then guess what!?!?

Your past experiences are replaying, your most prevalent programming is running, repeating, and solidifying, it’s hold on you.

To clarify that first key take away: PAY ATTENTION to what is going into your brain, either from outside, or from inside.

What impacts your mind MATTERS!

Our evolution, or creation, has put us here, and now, with this one fact very well established: Our hard wired, at birth, preprogrammed default is ‘OH SHIT!’!


That is our SAFE default.

Because they worried about every problem, and potential problem they faced, our caveman ancestors were more likely to survive than those that were overly optimistic and ‘chased’ every opportunity that presented itself.

Really quick example –

10 cavemen leave the cave to walk 1 mile, gather fish, frogs, and other food at the creek, and then walk back to provide food for the caveman crew. 8 out of 10 survived. One of those survivors could be any of our ancestors!

If those 10 saw a rustling in the bushes only half way to the creek, and decided to chase the opportunity of a small creature, easily captured hopefully, optimistically, then 8 of those guys DIED.

That is the example of how our forefathers survived and thrived in previous generations.

BUT… That is NOT your life.

Today, we live in a VERY VERY ‘safe’ world, relatively. They call them ‘first world problems’, right?

Well, just to be clear – those are not problems! At least not compared to a saber toothed tiger tearing 8 of our 10 man gathering team to ribbons for HER supper!

We are, by default, hard wired to react in the “Oh Shit!” direction – for really great reasons.

The question then becomes what are YOU going to do TODAY to Tip Those Scales in the ‘YIPEE!’ direction?

Remember, if you SEE problems, you’ll see problems. If you SEE opportunity, you’ll see opportunity. (we can have an entire thesis sized discussion on physics here, or you can trust a brother!) 🙂

The bottom line, which I LOVE, most effective thing I can do to HELP YOU, RIGHT NOW is this – “If it doesn’t feel good, you’re doing it wrong.”

Translated – when you experience, see, taste, or otherwise impact your brain with anything… Traffic, radio talk show, this blog post, spoiled milk, exercising, ANYTHING, ask yourself quickly: “How Do I Feel?”

Spoiled milk? it feels bad thinking about that for a reason! That is a GOOD thing! So you spit it out!!

Exercising? It feels ‘bad’ when you tear your muscles apart so they can grow back stronger. That is a good thing -right? being stronger.

Traffic? It feels HORRIBLE to most of us. What if that 10 minute delay caused you to miss YOUR accident? What if that 1 hour delay caused you to arrive at the same time as that AMAZING CONTACT you made when you arrived? Or – what if the delay caused you to get into an accident AND meet that perfect contact?

HOW you SEE the world matters. Not only today, right now, but for every future day as well. Because, EVERY MOMENT of your life – YOU are putting a weight on one side of that scale, or the other…



EASY answers:
1. Meditate
2. Journal
3. Practice Gratitude (more than you do already)

Even Easier answers:


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