Today’s motivational video hammers home one very important point. This is something we are all learning more and more about every day. I’m completely blown away by the technological understandings that are developing surrounding this topic!

Take a minute, let’s check it out…

First – today’s video. It’s motivating, no question!! But, the really amazing stuff is below!


Everyone has always said this, and you’ve probably heard it a million times – “It’s all about the inner game”, right?

That’s what I’ve become really good at – helping people understand what that means.

WHY? well…

“We couldn’t have predicted this surprising clinical outcome when we began the project”, said Dr. Miguel Nicolelis!

This is TRULY some ‘Jesus Level Magic’ happening these days! Check it out in the link at the bottom if you haven’t heard about it!

Here’s the bottom line: Do you remember how there once was traveling miracle workers? They would set up a big tent, hold a revival style meeting or two, get a bunch of folks fired up… then work some miracles, right? Well…

Today, doctors can’t figure out HOW their patients are miraculously doing some stuff!!

This is almost ‘crazy’! Seriously – They are literally giving people feeling back in their legs, enabling them to walk again – – – and can’t explain it! CRAZY!

What’s the point? …The answers are out there! Actually, IN there! 🙂

“The Inner Game”. For centuries, the world’s elite have known what to do to attain, maintain, and grow wealth and prosperity. (“The Secret” tried to teach it to many, and dozens and dozens of other books, videos, all that stuff…)

Well – EVEN THOUGH all that stuff told me to do ‘do actions x, y, and z’… I resisted. I resisted because, well, I didn’t buy it. I didn’t understand how or why that ‘stuff’ worked. Do I didn’t believe…

And guess what – I didn’t get the results I wanted. I struggled and strained in a system to attain some form of ‘security’ instead of living a happy, wonderful life on my terms…

And then I hit that deer. Not going into those details here and now. Bottom line, I learned something because of that incident. I went on a SERIOUS ‘learning’ binge about the human brain.

Now, I understand why those ‘actions x, y, and z’ work! Why and HOW. That was the ‘magic’ part for me that got me to realize… and start taking action!

What’s the point? The point is – it’s real. If I could insert ONE thing into your head it would be the importance of ‘belief’. Because when you believe, anything is possible.

Then, you would ACT! Action begets results. Here’s the action I’m suggesting you take today: LEARN!!! Learn WHY the 3 most important habits you can form are meditation, journaling and a practice of gratitude.

Here’s 3 ways you can learn:

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I LOVE to help people that have been stuck in the 90% group. That normal, and obviously majority attempt to attain freedom, only to end up frustrated as they watch 10% of their group ‘get it done’… while you struggle and strain.

You know this: the difference between them and you is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s all in that inner game! What they believe, what they see, what they DO everyday is based on those things… Why not understand what they understand, and believe what they believe, so you can see what they see – and TAKE THOSE ACTIONS   -and-   GET IT DONE!??

If you’re in that 90% and ready to get into the 10%, TAKE ACTION, get the free videos and LEARN!

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  2. Facebook messenger – Facebook
  3. Text? – Text “3habits” to 44222 (no space)


Here is the link to that news story… There really is some ‘Jesus Level Magic’ happening, and it is ALL because of what you can learn to do for yourself by watching those free videos!

Link to NBC news story- LINK

Enjoy your day!