Watch what Gary Veee says in this video




“At the end of the day, I’m just not built to have it dictate my one at bat at life.”  -He’s talking about caring about what other people say about him.

Guess what. That makes him VERY different than most of us. Because not only are we programmed from birth to care, in almost every interaction in our lives, we are taught and trained and conditioned to CARE!

We are taught to belong.

Let’s be honest, right now, in some aspect in your life, you are actively CARING, deeply, whether or not “they” “accept you”. This could be your family and your new boyfriend – or are YOU the new boyfriend?; this could be that crew of motorcycle riders you want to hang out with; your new co-worker; ​​​​​​​​or, this could be your clients! But we ALL care… right?

Well – not only are we conditioned and taught, we are PHYSICALLY hard wired, from eons of evolution – or from God making us this way – HARD WIRED to CARE!! (Gary Vee is too, he’s just VERY conditioned to ‘not’.)

Here’s what we can do about it:

Condition yourself which opinions to pay attention to, and how you feel and react to those opinions…

The thing is – it IS A CHOICE!​​

YOU get to decide who’s opinions matter, and don’t.

YOU get to make that decision, but HOW? That’s the rub. And in every human being’s case, it’s a little different. We all have different ‘layers’ stacked on top of our core, throughout our lives. Those layers are what makes this process more of an art than a science.

However, the ‘science’ part is VERY clear. There are some basic, core level habits and practices that will help you.

So – the question is are you meditating EVERY day? Are you touching pen to paper in your journal EVERY day? Are you ACTIVELY practicing and growing those, and the habit of gratitude-  EVERYDAY??

If not, then you’re not focusing on the right things. If you’re hammering on your business or job… If you’re exercising your body… if you’re studying for a test… but not doing those other 3 things – then you’re behind. You are behind today’s leaders. You are behind those that are STRIVING to perform better.


You’re not building the most important muscles to help you achieve and attain.

MUCH more importantly than that, you’re not exercising the muscles to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with life. 

Time and time again I’ve witnessed, and EXPERIENCED it myself! Those core habits are everything.

If you recognize that you struggle to establish and maintain these habits, and others, do NOT feel bad.

The reality is we ALL struggle with this process!

Struggling is a very common feeling among today’s population, and I’m WORKING to help people learn, that isn’t the only way. Hard work is one thing, STRUGGLE and ANXIETY and STRESS and DISCOMFORT is NOT the same thing as ‘hard work’.

Learn to manage your mind, your efforts and your ENERGY with the foundation building habits of meditation, journaling and gratitude!

With those 3 habits, you WIN. (assuming you’re applying them appropriately).

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